Austin St. John
Austin St. John
I'm not sure what it is with me and the MMPR theme. Corny, huh? Anyway, this is a special addition to JDF Fan's only. Austin St. John is another of those who seemed to take my breath away when I first saw him. He has got the most adorable face. Not as good as JDF's, but awfully close. :-)
A dedication to Austin St John.

Austin first appeared on the scene as 'Jason, The Red Ranger' on the 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'. After nearly
two full seasons, Austin and two of his cast mates left
the show due to, dissatisfaction with their pay. According to the show, the characters left for a Peace
conference in Switzerland. But, in the forth season, 'Zeo' season, Austin came back to, yet again play the much missed character of 'Jason' as the 'Gold Ranger'.

After leaving the 'Zeo Rangers' Austin returned for his 'Jason' finale in 'Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie'.

Also, being credited with a Martial Arts instruction video and a book.

I know, personally I can't wait to see him in something else.
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