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Now, as much fun as I have had with this site, I can't help but change things around again. It's all still pretty easy, pretty basic, but after looking at all of the other wonderful sites out there, I know there is always room for me to improve.



My guess book failed on me. If you could please use my message board for any comments or questions for now.
As always, my little friend here will deliver any message you may have for me.
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Jessi Stephon


Hey guess what? I have a message board. Go figure huh?   If you feel like visiting, here you go.

The Fan's Message Board

Brotherly Love
In rememberance of Erik Frank

This site is non-prophet. I do not know JDF (I would like to but I don't.).
Nor do I know anyone mentioned in this site. i.e. 'Saban', owners of
'The Privateers' or any of the cast members of the shows.

I have dedicated JDF Fan's Only to Master Frank's brother, Erik Frank.

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